Why Biker Chick Fashion Is Back

Why Biker Chick Fashion Is Back

  Thanks to Rosalía, motocross is back. The Spanish songstress appears to be completely nude on the cover of her released album Motomami, wearing a motocross helmet as her only accessory. Since then, it has been a fashion item for motorcycle aficionados. This isn't the only appearance of motocross-inspired clothing in the fashion world.

  Rihanna, who released a motocross-inspired collection at an early show, featuring pink sand hills in the center of the show and bold, bright motocross clothing, proved herself to be a trendsetter. The Fenty founder even came in on a motorcycle at the end of the gig. Of course, some of our favorite celebs have already given their nod to this trend. From Kourtney Kardashian to Bella Hadid.

  Bella Hadid's style is always one step ahead, especially since she no longer uses a stylist, and mostly consists of '90s and early retro styles, her favorite street style always predicts upcoming trends. So she managed to pack every micro-trend for 2022 into a single look while she wore another effortlessly chic and trend-filled outfit.

  The model showed off her love of the British capital in a very retro yet stylish outfit on a work trip to London. But seriously, Bella Hadid looks super good in her small town London outfit. Hadid made no secret of her love of Britain in a casual retro track jacket with the city's name embroidered on it, paired with a navy tracksuit bottoms, black leather gloves, black low-heeled boots, blue sport sunglasses and brown checked shoulder tote. She looked stunning with her long brown hair loose and swaying as it blew beautifully in the wind. This young woman excels in casual sports with ease, whether she is wearing a mini tennis skirt or overalls, Bella interprets luxurious sports with rigorous dressing skills.

  The ideal biker chick look always involves leather, and it instantly makes any outfit edgy. You wouldn't see a biker girl without a frayed denim jacket with patches or the infamous leather jacket. Leather jackets are a great addition to a cyclist's wardrobe and are perfect for pairing with a black tank top or a shoulder strap top. To get that biker-look image without spending a fortune, leather jackets are all the rage.

  Zippers and buckles are a great addition to the jacket and add a mechanical feel to the garment. Plain vests are the favorite of motorcycle girls. The fit is good enough to show off the figure, but at the same time plain enough to convey a strong girl attitude. Grey, dark green, blue, and silver are all acceptable colors for cyclists.

  Metal-look jumpsuits are also worth checking out. Ideally, these should be paired with a leather jacket for a complete rider image. Be careful not to use too much black though, and separate the black coat from the jumpsuit with a colorful print or plain top. Also change up your own leather look by adding zippers and buckles.


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