How To Choose A Bra For Wearing A Camisole

How To Choose A Bra For Wearing A Camisole

Wearing a cool camisole in the hot summer can make you feel refreshed and free instantly! So what kind of underwear should be worn in the camisole to make you look more refined and beautiful without straps? How to choose a bra? Should I wear a bra if I wear a camisole? Now I will tell you what kind of underwear should be worn in the suspender, let's take a look!

1. Strapless underwear

As the name implies, underwear without straps refers to a bra that can be used directly on the chest without straps. Underwear without straps has invisible underwires, round and three-dimensional and makes people show that in addition to noble and luxurious, there will be different sizes of pores in the cup, good sweat absorption, and good air permeability. The cup shape of the cup has no traces and is skin-friendly, it is very comfortable to wear, and has a good effect on shaping the fullness of the breast. There is no shoulder strap, and when paired with a camisole, the whole person looks neat and tidy.

The disadvantage of this kind of underwear is that it is not very easy to wear. It does not have a lot of grip when worn on the body. It is easier to fall off if you only rely on the back strap. It is not very suitable for girls with full breasts. Tube tops can also be seen as strapless underwear. They are cheap and practical, and the upper body will not fall off tightly, but it has no gathering effect.

2. Chest stickers

Alternative to modern bras, it is also a convenient and beautiful item to protect girls' breasts. It is characterized by flexibility, comfort and convenience, suitable for all kinds of girls' breasts. There are two common chest stickers, one is attached to the chest by air pressure, and the other is directly attached to the chest. This is the most trouble-free choice. It is very light and thin, and it is as easy as not wearing underwear. However, it also has a disadvantage. It is not suitable for girls with big breasts or the feeling of sagging is more serious. Because the bra directly acts on the chest, too much weight on the chest can cause sagging.


3. Invisible underwear

Invisible underwear is a gathered cup, which has a good effect on shaping the fullness of the breasts, and there is no trace to be found.

The disadvantage of this kind of underwear is that it is heavier and will be cumbersome. The air permeability is not very good, and problems such as erythema and itching may occur if the skin is not good.

4. Same color underwear

The underwear you choose to wear is the same color as the camisole, which makes people feel that you are very refreshing. If the color has obvious shades, or if there is a certain combination of colors, it will be more matching when worn, which will not make people embarrassed and have a sense of hierarchy.

5. Bralette

Bralette is a kind of underwear without underwires and chest pads. It is very comfortable. The fabrics are generally divided into lace and satin. The shoulder straps are very thin and the style is light and thin, which is very suitable for summer wear. Bralette lace texture is very beautiful, even if it does not leak the edge, it will not be embarrassing, but will add points because of the beauty of the underwear. The difficulty is to choose the right color. If you choose the color well, you can create a sense of hierarchy.

6. Don't wear Bra

With the development of society, more and more girls are advocating the freedom of dressing, pursuing the liberation of the breasts, and being themselves who are not bound by anything in the true sense, and more and more girls are doing this. This is a very advanced and cool thing!

The disadvantage of not wearing bra is that some girls will not adapt to not wearing it, and it is easy to show the defects of their chest shape, without any modification or cover, and if it goes on for a long time, the chest is easy to lose shape.

Two views on the need to wear underwear when wearing suspenders

Underwear is required to wear a camisole. Because the suspenders are not only used in other seasons, but the suspenders are worn directly outside throughout the summer, so wearing underwear can avoid the light, and the breast shape will look good. If you only wear a camisole without underwear for a long time, your chest is easy to deform.

Underwear is not required to wear a camisole. The straps of camisole are generally thinner. If you are not comfortable wearing invisible underwear without straps, it will be ugly to wear regular underwear with straps. In the hot summer, wearing a camisole without underwear can make the body more refreshing and comfortable, and in some open places, it is a trend to dress freely.

I believe that you have already answered the question at the beginning. According to the advantages and disadvantages of different bras and the corresponding chest shape, you can know how to choose a bra that suits you when you wear a camisole.


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