Do You Know What is Your Body Shape

Do You Know What is Your Body Shape

Have you ever found that you sometimes look better in certain cuts or designs? When you know more about your body, you can choose a design that fits your body type.

Everyone's body is different and there is absolutely no standard. This sharing only includes the 5 most common shapes for your reference (of course not all of them). We also recommend bodysuit styles based on shape that will enhance your body. enjoy!

1. The Hourglass

Having an hourglass figure means your hips and bust are nearly the same size, and your waist is narrow and defined.

How to wear it: The rule of thumb is to dress naturally along your silhouette, with proportional tops and bottoms. Bodysuits and bodycon dresses can accentuate your waist and create a balanced figure.

2. The Pear

Having a pear shape means you have wider hips, a defined waist and a smaller bust. Your weight will be more likely to be concentrated in your hips, thighs and lower back.

How to wear it: You should focus on the upper body with volume and lighten your wider hips. Try tops in fancier/brighter colors to draw attention and choose fitted clothes that accentuate your waist.

3. The Rectangle

Rectangular body shapes display relatively similar bust, waist, and hip dimensions. When your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body, your curves are less likely to show.


How to wear it: Whatever accentuates your waist will work with your body—break up the rectangle with off-the-shoulder styles and belted designs. You should also accentuate your neck area with a round neckline and avoid straight or square necklines.

4. The Oval

An oval figure usually has a smaller bust and hips, but a rounder waist. Your weight is concentrated in your midsection, and your limbs are relatively slender.


How to wear it: You should add volume and curves to your lower body and take the look away from your midsection. A bodysuit is perfect for this purpose, removing excess fabric around the waist.

5. The Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle figure is characterized by broad shoulders and a less defined waist and hips. Such a body is generally considered more athletic, with a flatter bottom.


How to wear it: The racerback and strapless design will look good on you. By softening your broad shoulders, your upper body will look trimmer and you should also add volume to your lower body.


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