WELENY is a sub-brand of WENARS Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. It is a women's fashion clothing company integrating design, production and sales. It was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China in March 2021. It is committed to high-quality comfortable clothing. In order to fully show the personality and charm of women, we have created the WELENY.COM online store. At WELENY, we hope to give more fashion inspirations and provide women with fashionable, lightweight and comfortable high-quality clothing.

Our Story

WELENY is a women's fashion brand inspired by the most energetic, fun and fearless women. We are committed to building a community of women who bravely express themselves, so that they can continue to advance in terms of self confidence, comfort and fashion. We hope to be your source of inspiration and beauty transmitter in your pursuit of beauty and fashion, so as to create a new look and truly express your personality and style.

Our Philosophy

In order for every young woman to explore the existence of her own body, it contains life, love, freedom, beauty and power, and establishes an intimate connection between body language and clothing--belonging to WELENY's unique interpretation of clothing and women; advocating to follow the principle of circular economy extends the service life of fabrics and makes them easier to recycle.

Our Style

WELENY advocates street sexy style mainly, adopts skin-friendly fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, pursues both fashion and comfort, and injects fresh design inspiration to present new street girls. The interesting and full-featured design concept brings you a new choose.

Reasons For Choosing Us:

  1. About the product

Combining current popular products with our own design features, each product has its own unique style, which meets the current urban women's purchasing needs; responds to the call of the global economy and follows the principles of sustainability. We have a strict quality management system, from product details, packaging to boxing and delivery, we have professional inspection personnel to control, to ensure that high-quality products are sent to customers.

  1. About the service

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  1. About transportation

All orders on WELENY.COM enjoy standard free shipping!

Standard transportation: Free delivery service is provided. Under normal circumstances, the delivery time for most countries and regions is 5-10 working days, and the transportation time for Europe and the United States is about 3-7 working days; the delivery time is usually 7 -15 working days.

Expedited transportation: In order to allow you to get the goods purchased on WELENY.COM as soon as possible, we will provide expedited transportation services. The delivery time for most countries and regions is 3-5 working days, and the shipping time for Europe and the United States is about 3-4 working days; the delivery time is usually 5-8 working days. If you choose express shipping method, you will have to pay an additional $29.9.

  1. Business model

Company system

WENARS E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is a trading company integrating industry and trade, and Shenzhen WENARS E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade company integrating industry and trade. WELENY.COM is an online store established by the company that sells avant-garde clothing such as ladies' fashion bodysuit, pants, and jumpsuits.

Platform mode

WENARS E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was formerly engaged in wholesale and export of women's clothing on B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba. As the company's strength continues to rise, it has begun to expand its business team and business scale. Relying on years of mature experience in professional women's clothing cross-border business, the company's superior geographical location and the advantage of owning its own factory, finally decided to establish a brand new women's clothing brand, and registered its own women's clothing brand "WENARS", and WELENY as its retailer Store, design, produce, and sell by itself, and develop online business through B2C, B2B and other methods.

Production process

Each product has corresponding strict standards from the design of the version, to the careful selection of fabrics, to the supervision and production of the entire production process, and finally to the packaging and delivery supervision. All styles are stocked in stock, and the order processing efficiency is very high.

Logistics system

The company’s logistics system is relatively mature. It has a number of cooperative logistics companies and its own official DHL account. It can also respond quickly in terms of delivery, with guaranteed timeliness, and complete the logistics standardization transportation guarantee mechanism to ensure the rapid arrival of logistics and improve user experience.

  1. About the company

The company has its own production line, and the high productivity of the product can ensure fast delivery.

Online ordering is simple and convenient, and safe payment is guaranteed.

Insist on providing only high-quality products, free shipping for any order, true integrity.

Company Information

Company Name: WENARS Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Company phone number: (+1)8708995269

Company email: info@weleny.com

Company website: WELENY.COM

Company Address: 1624 Market Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202


Site Manager: Sande

Email: service@weleny.com


WENARS Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. already has rich experience in clothing store before establishing WELENY.COM. We sincerely thank you for your support!