Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer your questions below, if not, please feel free to contact us!


1.Can you accept wholesale orders?

We accept wholesale orders. Our company is an e-commerce company that integrates independent design, production, and trade capabilities. (When the wholesale quantity is large), it accepts OEM, ODM, customized drawings, processing with supplied materials, and processing with samples. You can directly send us an email to ask for a quotation.

2.Can you invoice my order?

Yes, if you need to issue an invoice or have other requirements, you can contact us in time.

3.How to cancel or change my order?

After the order is successfully submitted, the order will immediately enter the processing process, and then go through the warehouse for picking, distribution, and inspection before shipment. Generally, you can only perform this operation within the same day of placing the order. If the item has been processed for transshipment, or your request for change or cancellation has passed the day of placing the order, you cannot cancel or change your order in most cases. But you can contact us by, our customer service team will do everything possible to help you. Note, however, that this is not always possible.

4.What if I need to change my personal information?

After placing an order, you can change your shipping address or other personal information by contacting our customer service. Generally, you can only perform this operation within the same day that the order is placed, because the order has already entered the processing process. If the item has been transshipped, or the time for your request to be changed has passed the day of placing the order, you may not be able to change the information.


1.When will my order be shipped?

After receiving your order, we will process the order within 2-4 working days, and send the package on the day or the next day after processing. If you want to know more, you can learn more through shipping policy.

2.Why is my order not delivered within the estimated time?

The estimated transportation time is provided by international express companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx. We have been told that due to the COVID-19 security agreement, some customers may experience delays. WELENY cannot guarantee the arrival date of the package if it is weather-related, local customs clearance or other transportation delays that are beyond our control. We apologize for the inconvenience!

3.How do I know that my order has been shipped?

When your order is shipped, we will send you an email with your tracking number and a link to the logistics query that you can track online.

4.Why is my order sent in multiple packages?

Some countries/regions impose value restrictions on international shipping. If your order exceeds the limit in your country/region, your order may be shipped as multiple packages with separate tracking numbers. Please contact your local customs for more information about the value limits in your country. Since we will ship the goods as soon as they are ready, sometimes we will also ship them in multiple packages. You can contact us to confirm.

5.How long will it take for me to receive my order package?

In order to protect your rights and interests, our processing time for orders is 2-4 working days to review each order. Delivery time is about 1-2 working days. Under normal circumstances, the free shipping and shipping time in most countries and regions is 5-10 working days, and the shipping time in Europe and the United States is about 3-7 working days. The delivery time is usually 7-15 working days. For more information, please check our shipping policy.

6.How will you ship my order?

We will transport your parcels by air, which will greatly protect the safety of your parcels and shorten the transportation time to reduce your waiting time. 

Payment & Tax

1.What payment methods do you support?

We currently accept Credit Card (including Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express logo), PayPal. If you need to remit money to us via TT, please contact us through our company email to provide bank account information.

2.Are taxes and duties included in the checkout?

Our product prices and the amount in the order checkout do not include taxes and duties. Different countries/regions have different tax rules. The specific tax rules of your country/region shall prevail. When the package arrives in your country/region and generates taxes or duties, the delivery company will contact you about the taxes or duties that you will be responsible for, and you will bear the cost at that time. When you order our website, you will accept the tax rules of your country/region.

3.Do I need to pay customs duties?

Different countries/regions have different tax rules. The specific tax rules of your country/region shall prevail. When the package arrives in your country/region where tariffs are generated, the delivery company will contact you about the tariffs that you will be responsible for, and you will bear the cost.

4.Why was my payment rejected?

Answer: We accept credit card and PayPal payment methods. If one of the payment methods is rejected, it may be caused by problems such as credit rating, limit, or system. Please send an email to the and we will help you find the problem.

Return & Exchange

1.What is your return policy?

We provide a policy of return and exchange within 30 natural days from the date of arrival of the product, and you will bear the transportation cost of the return and exchange. For more questions, please check our return & exchange policy.

2.How to return the goods?

We are happy to accept your returned order items to show WELENY credit. The item must be in a new condition, unworn, unused, and with the original label or packaging. Please Contact Us in advance using the original purchaser's order number and other relevant information.

3.When will I receive the refund?

In the case of return, we will process the refund within 1-3 working days after receiving the returned package. Under normal circumstances, the refund time is 1-7 working days. Refunds received by different payment channels will be delayed to varying degrees, which is a normal phenomenon; the actual date of receipt of the refund shall prevail. The returned money is usually returned to your original payment method account.

4.Do I need to pay the shipping cost for return and exchange?

Yes, you will also need to pay the transportation cost of the return and exchange under the condition that the goods can be returned and exchanged. Before we receive the returned package, you will be 100% liable for the returned package. For details, please check our return & exchange policy.

5.What should I do if the goods I received are defective?

If you receive a damaged or defective item, or it does not match the description of the item ordered on WELENY, please send us an email via the as soon as possible. After review, we will send you a replacement item or give you the price of the defective item.


1.How do I know the size or size that suits me?

Our clothing is made strictly in accordance with international size standards, and a size guide has been created to help you choose the right size. If you are not sure of your suitable size, you can attach your height and weight or other detailed questions via email and send it to our online customer service, who will answer you clearly.

2.Can I return or exchange the product after trying the product?

We know that you have to try these products to know if they are suitable, but please remember that if there are residual cosmetics, deodorants or perfumes, removal of the original label, etc., we will not accept returns or exchanges.

3.What material does your product use?

Our products use a variety of materials, but mainly organic cotton, spandex and nylon. All of our fabrics are made of the highest quality, high elasticity and breathability, in order to provide you with the most comfortable, soft and lightweight clothing.

4.How should I clean the clothing I bought from WELENY?

We recommend washing our clothing with mild detergent at low temperature, which is better for your wearing health, comfort, clothing and environment.


1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a garment trading company integrating manufacturing and sales, with our own production factory.

2.Where do you ship from?

We ship in China. We have our own office and warehouse in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. You can see our company's specific address information in contact us.