The Summer 2023 Vest Trend

The Summer 2023 Vest Trend

The tank top entered the fashion circle in a more unique way. Whether worn as a standalone top, base layer or part of a summer outfit, the trend is here to stay and become a wardrobe staple. It's so easy to wear and so stylish, you can't call the tank top a passing fad. Plus, it can be worn in a variety of ways.

Next, we will share several ways to wear vests. It comes in many forms, from wool or linen-blend vests to oversized utilitarian versions to slit versions and more. Are you ready?


Like a good pair of jeans, a denim vest is one of those pieces that goes with just about anything. Pair it with almost any material and style, from cargo dresses to pants and more. Plus, swap it out for an open top or wear it alone for streamlined street style.

School Uniform

The classic way to wear a vest is with a shirt, tie and pleated skirt. It mainly creates a punk style. Keep a three-piece layered suit (with tie) refined by pairing it with brogues, ballet flats or pumps, or with military boots and chain accessories.


Instead of opting for an oversized menswear silhouette, try wearing a mini crop over an oversized dress shirt or nap dress. It's like a belt that gives shape to any shapeless fabric, and the result is very chic.

Double Breasted

When you make a double-breasted oversized suit suitable for summer, you get a double-breasted vest with culottes. With a loose fit, this chic ensemble calls for strappy flirty heels and a fitted tank or tee to balance the flowy fabric.

Oversized Leather Gilet

There's nothing quite like a leather oversized convertible coat to rock 'n' roll. It gives a major edge to any shirt, t-shirt or even a blazer. It's like a cool leather jacket with a western twist. Wear it with flared pants, loose denim or trousers for a different style.

Bold Hue

While tank tops are a minimalist's dream, they're not always unisex. A bold, saturated hue is a fun way to make it a style statement rather than understated luxury. A bold colored tank looks best with matching bottoms.

Open Button Summer Suit

The summer suit is definitely a lightweight vest and matching lightweight cotton trousers. This is a tailored suit that feels elegant and comfortable. Dare to show a little skin and play with just a button top closure. Then, slip on a pair of chunky sandals for comfort.


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