Shirred Dress——The Best Fashion Items For Summer

Shirred Dress——The Best Fashion Items For Summer

Find out what's new for you for spring: the shirred dress. The dress has been trending on social media. Dress trends come and go, especially when born on Instagram. One minute it's a strappy sundress, the next an off-the-shoulder mini dress. Of course, there are certain styles of dresses that stand the test of time.

One style that has always been popular in this "dress of endless glamour" arena is the shirred dress. what clothes? let me explain. Pleated dresses consist of horizontal threads of elastic that pull the fabric together and extend across the bust, waist, and neckline—a snug fit, if you will. While the rest of the skirt flows over your body, creating a relaxed silhouette. All right? The best part about pleated dresses is that they fit everyone – and I’m talking about being someone who rarely fits everything. The pleated portion of the fabric fits snugly against your body, giving you shape and support, and honestly, you hardly feel like you're wearing the rest of the skirt. It's that easy.

Whether you're looking for an effortless summer dress or looking to kick off your staycation, look no further - shirrette dresses are ready for all your dressing needs and we've rounded up the best styles.

1. Tie Shoulder Shirred Dress

Perfect for daytime, this woven summer dress has a shirred stretch bodice and oversized bow detail.

2. Plaid Shirred Dress

Check out all of our Spring/Summer outfits - this square neck, shirred bodice and tiered skirt is an easy day piece. Plus, gingham!

3. Puff Sleeve Shirred Dress

If the shirred bodice, puffed sleeves and ruffled details of this Abercrombie dress weren't enough to impress you - it also has pockets!

4. Floral Print Shirred Dress

This smock dress has us dreaming of vacations soaked in the sun. Made from shirred organic cotton, it features ruffle trim, a tiered midi hem and ties.

5. Ruffle Trim Shirred Dress

Wear it with a cinched sweetheart neckline and a voluminous skirt (complete with pockets - a large tick), paired with fresh separates and a pull-on denim jacket for an easy summer win.

6. Striped Shirred Dress

A crisp green striped miniskirt with capped sleeves and a stretchy pleated bodice is ideal for beach days and sunset drinks.


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