Learning About Fabric-Cotton

Learning About Fabric-Cotton

Today let’s get to know cotton fabrics. Cotton fabric is an important fabric widely used in daily life. The main component is natural cotton fiber.

In clothing, it is a common choice for making various types of clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, dresses, etc. it can give people a good wearing experience.

Cotton fabric has good breathability. It can quickly absorb sweat discharged by the human body to keep the skin dry. In addition, it is soft and skin-friendly, making it especially suitable for babies. Cotton fabrics are relatively easy to dye and print, and can present a rich variety of colors and patterns.

However, cotton fabric wrinkles easily and needs to be ironed frequently to keep it smooth. Lack of elasticity and easy to deform.

With its unique advantages, cotton fabric still occupies an important position in the textile field and is deeply loved by people.

How to Identify

First, we can judge by the feel. Real cotton fabric feels soft, does not have that stiff feeling, and has a certain degree of elasticity.

Second, observe the texture of the fabric. The texture of cotton fiber is usually natural and uniform, with no obvious regularity.

Third, the burning method is also very effective. Take some fabric and burn it. If it is cotton, the flame will be yellow when burning. After burning, the ash will be soft gray-white.

Fourth, look at its water absorbency. If you put a drop of water on it and it is absorbed quickly, it means it is probably a cotton fabric.

Fifth, Stretch moderately. Real cotton fabric has a certain degree of ductility and can basically return to its original shape after letting go.

    How to Care

    1.Washing: Try to use neutral detergent and avoid excessive rubbing. You can choose to hand wash or use a washing machine on the gentle cycle.

    2.Water Temperature: Use warm or cold water for washing. Avoid using hot water, which may cause shrinkage or fading.

    3.Wash separately: Wash clothes with darker colors separately to prevent staining.

    4.Drying: You can choose a well-ventilated and cool place to dry to prevent the fabric from fading and aging.

    5.Ironing: Choose the appropriate temperature according to the fabric, and spray water appropriately to increase the humidity to improve the ironing effect.

    6.Storage:Wash and dry before storing. Keep in a dry place to avoid moisture and mold.

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