Monday To Friday Work Outfits

Monday To Friday Work Outfits

Summer weather is warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities, spare time gatherings. But even in the summer there is busy work going on. Not everyone is so adept at creating summer looks for the commute. In order to show that work wear is not just a blazer with black suit pants or skirt, but the bright weather requires more new tricks with different tops and bottoms, creating more fashionable yet formal clothes combination. To make you look commuter-friendly, but also perfect for an after-get off work restaurant or party, you can take inspiration from the following outfits!


Monday: white shirt + straight jeans

Shirts and jeans are the way to go when you want a loose fit with a refined, lightweight feel, especially paired with a pair of textured high-heeled sandals. Wear a loose shirt tucked into your pants and roll up your sleeves casually, and the result is a fresh and stylish look. You may not be fully at work just after the weekend, swap your laptop bag for a clutch, and you're ready for afternoon tea.


Tuesday: cropped blazer + strapless bodysuit

In the tense and busy morning, before I wake up, I have already sat in front of the computer. Your perfect attire brings a lot of energy to your work. The clever combination of short cropped blazer and jumpsuit increases the waistline, which not only increases the proportion of the legs, but also looks neat and tidy. The overall feel is relaxed yet formal, adding a touch of personality and chic. If you are team-building entertainment with colleagues or participating in daily activities, you can also dress simply and colorfully to give a sense of presence.


Wednesday: One-shoulder jumpsuit + beautiful you

Even in summer, choose black as a base color for office attire, and it always looks stylish, airy and sophisticated with almost any accessory you like. A jumpsuit full of design highlights doesn't require a lot of matching to create an outfit that feels comfortable and heat-resistant, yet looks like a stylish suit, the perfect replacement for a summer suit. Pair it with some classic accessories for a timeless look.


Thursday: cami top + brown leather trousers

Use brown leather instead of black leather to complete your summer look for a less heavy look. It can be a little chilly in the office with the air conditioner on or on the way home from get off work, and a simple blazer is enough to add a touch of warmth and lift your temperament in summer. Pair it with a small bag of the same color to complement your look!


Friday: t-shirt + printed pants

Have you received an invitation to a party or party with your upcoming day off? Wear pants with novel printing patterns to fully show the fashion charm, but also boldly become artistic, get rid of the boring and monotonous colors, and deduce a different kind of elegant style in summer. The t-shirt is used as a base, it will not look very deliberate, it is casual and comfortable enough, and it also reflects the femininity of light familiarity.


In fact, without formal business negotiation or business cooperation, more and more companies encourage employees to wear casual work clothes. What's your favorite type of work outfit? Welcome to leave your comments!


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