Jumpsuit Styling Tips

Jumpsuit Styling Tips

Modern women are mostly busy with work, and the time spent on dressing is limited, so is there a time-saving and fashionable item? The answer is yes, the jumpsuit is the existence that can instantly solve your "difficult to go out" problem. With it, you don't need to spend too much time on matching, just choose the right accessories and a pair of suitable shoes, and make you fashionable in minutes!

Although the jumpsuit saves a lot of time in putting on it, it is not an easy-to-wear item. If you make a mistake in the selection, you will not achieve the effect you want. As long as you understand the version of the jumpsuit and choose the style that suits you according to his version, you can show your body advantage. Below I have summarized 4 tips, I hope I can help you.

Tips One: Collar Type

The right collar type can effectively modify the head-to-body ratio, which is very important for women with imperfect head-to-body ratios. Choosing the right collar type can save your entire body ratio.

1. Women with round faces and short necks should avoid small round collars and high collars

The two designs of round neck and high neck have higher requirements for the neck and face shape. If the face shape is relatively round or the neck is relatively short, try to avoid it when choosing a jumpsuit, otherwise, you will get more fat after wearing it.

2. Strapless collar: tube top, off shoulder, cami, suitable for women with small skeleton and thin back

Tube tops, off shoulders, and cami, every woman will love this jumpsuit when she sees it. After wearing them, they are not only fashionable and sexy, but they can also show women's body curves. However, women who have problems with developed trapezius muscles, shoulder width, and sloping shoulders are advised to avoid these styles.

3. V neck, lapel, and shirt collar almost dont pick your figure

Seeing here, you may wonder, is there a stylish jumpsuit without picking a figure? Of course, V neck, lapel, and shirt collar are very tolerant of the figure. At the same time, such a collar design can also modify the face shape and lengthen your neckline.


Tips Two:Waistline

The waistless style is loose and casual, while the waistline style adds a touch of sleekness. When choosing a jumpsuit, it is recommended that you try your best to choose a style with a high-waist line design. On the one hand, this style can avoid body proportions, on the other hand, it can lengthen your body proportions, and the whole person will be more energetic.

Tips Three:Length

The length can be divided into shorts, cropped, and max length. The shorts design is more suitable for girls with straight legs and no fat. The length of cropped is more every day, and it can lengthen your leg proportions by exposing the most skinny ankle. The length of the max has relatively high requirements for body shape and aura, and women with large skeletons become the queen of aura in seconds.

Tips Four:Pants Type

The shape of pants can be divided into a cone shape, micro-flare, and straight. The cone shape is designed with a wide top and a narrow bottom, even if the legs are thicker or the crotch is wide. The micro-flare type has a certain retro temperament, suitable for women without fat on their legs. The straight shape infinitely magnifies the restrictions on the leg conditions, and any leg shape can be easily controlled.

The above are the four tips I summarized, I hope they will be helpful to you. In short, when choosing a jumpsuit, you can choose the style that suits you according to the collar, waistline, length, and pants type. Generally, you can't go wrong. If you have better suggestions, please leave a message!


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