How To Find The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

How To Find The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

When you click into the jeans shopping website, look at the full screen of jeans, don’t you know which jeans you are suitable for?Or, when you open the closet, look at all kinds of jeans and find that a few of them can't show your figure perfectly when worn on your body. Next, I will introduce some knowledge of jeans. After reading it, you will find the most suitable pair of jeans for yourself.

Denim is a classic and cool wear element, and it is also an indispensable fashion item to show your personal style. Jeans are also an essential piece of trousers in your wardrobe. They can be matched with clothes all year round. Therefore, it is very important to choose a pair of jeans that suits you. Next, I will introduce several types of jeans.

Loose Jeans

Loose-fit jeans are a casual choice. It is characterized by a casual fit, drooping crotch and wide, straight or tapered legs. These jeans are casual and feminine, with loose hips. Put on jeans and fold your trousers to create a cool feeling. If you have an A-shaped figure, you can try loose jeans, which will surprise you.


Skinny Jeans

The favorite of many fashionistas all the time: skinny jeans. These slim-fit jeans are stylish and have a fit that fits the skin. Choose a tight-fitting style with stretch for a perfect fit. The slim fit of skinny jeans highlights your hips and buttocks, showing your feminine silhouette. When you want to show your figure, please choose these jeans. The tight design can perfectly show your figure.


Straight-leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are characterized by straight-leg slim fit, which is a classic wardrobe style. These jeans are very suitable for most body types and can be paired with high heels and flat shoes. Straight jeans are a particularly good choice for an H-shaped figure. The dark washing process can reduce the fading of your jeans, or buy the style you like to get a modern look. Wear it with folded cuffs to add a sense of casualness.


Flared Jeans

Flared or boot-shaped jeans are characterized by the flared or boot-shaped leg contours to create a retro element. These jeans combined with high heels visually elongate your body proportions and balance your hips. When you want your jeans to be different from others, you can choose flared jeans.


Cropped Jeans

Pair it with cropped jeans for a modern look. The ankle and calf skin are exposed in nine-cent jeans, and high-heeled shoes can lengthen the legs, adding an elegant atmosphere. Do you want to create a classic academic style? Choose short jeans. And fold the cuffs to create a casual style. When you are worried about your height, you can choose nine-cent jeans to expose your ankles, which can make you look a little taller than usual.

High, medium or low-rise jeans?

Everyone has her favorite style. Do you like fashionable high-waist styles, sexy low-waist styles, or choose ordinary mid-waist styles. Next I will introduce these jeans, you can choose the one you like.

High-rise Jeans

Pair with high-waisted jeans to create a charming and fashionable silhouette. High-waisted jeans can show your soft curves and smooth your lower abdomen. High-waisted jeans can also lengthen your body proportions. They are very suitable for matching tights and shirts to show women's feminine waists. When you want to make your legs longer than the upper body, you can wear high-waisted jeans.

Mid-rise Jeans

The mid-waist is the regular waist height of the denim style. Mid-rise jeans are feminine and charming, suitable for most body shapes. Mid-waist jeans are perfect for pairing with T-shirts to create a casual everyday style.

Low-rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are both sexy and feminine—especially the fit low-rise design. These jeans are as low as the hips and shorten the proportions of your legs. If you want your waist to be stretched visually, you can choose low-rise jeans to stretch your upper body.

After understanding these knowledge of jeans, I believe you can choose the best jeans for you.


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