Top 5 Most Popular Bodysuit Styles In 2021

Top 5 Most Popular Bodysuit Styles In 2021

The bodysuit was a progression from the leotard. It was presented in the United States after 1950 by fashion designer Claire McCardell. It was worn as a blouse or T-shirt. The first recognized bodysuit was worn by Bettie Page in the 1950s, and was a trademark attire of the Playboy Bunnies from the 1960s, as well as Wonder Woman in the animated series Super Friends and Lynda Carter's television series.
Azzedine Alaia and Donna Karan helped make the bodysuit a fashion item for both men and women in the 1980s. After a slowdown, it was resurrected as shaping underwear or lingerie, and in the 2010s it reappeared as a blouse bodysuit and classic turtleneck bodysuit, as well as a part of evening wear.


In the past few years, crop top has been avoiding the problem that when it is stuffed into bottoms, it becomes uneven due to daily activities and destroys the outline of the entire shape. Therefore, the designer invented the bodysuit, which can circumvent this problem very well. According to big data, this year's most popular fashion item-bodysuit is selected by women! The one-piece version adapts to the fast-paced life and improves the quality of life. Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski are loyal fans of bodysuit. To create a stylish and stylish style, you can turn your swimwear into streetwear, just like the solid color and striped dress that Selena Gomez wore in New York city this summer.


Then let's talk about the various styles of bodysuit, maybe you will fall in love with bodysuit after reading it, because it is really beautiful and practical.

1.Tie Style

The straps can be divided into tie front, back tie, and both sides tie. The straps are more sexy, and the staggered lines break the boring feeling. The unique tailoring and straps will make the bodysuit show a novel and unique feeling, creating a cool and sexy Girl Crush.


2.Lace Style

The tailoring of the lace version is inspired by lingerie, but as long as it is properly matched, it can also be worn out. The romantic three-dimensional lace, the hollow details, the skin is vaguely exposed, and the looming hazy feeling creates the ultimate allure. Pair with jeans, simple and casual, wearing a sexy and elegant sense of luxury.


3.Solid Color Basic Style

For women who are going to try to wear bodysuits, the main thing is to pursue safety. Uncontrollable, it may cause a poor wearing experience, so the simple solid color style bodysuit is the most basic style for entry. It can be worn by students, office workers, and housewives. Simple and atmospheric, you can't go wrong with any clothes. The effect of lengthening the body proportions visually will be very significant. You will immediately create a strong personal aura. The style of dressing can be changed according to your hobbies!


4.Backless、Off Shoulder Style

The halter, Off shoulder and deep V neck models can be casual or elegant, depending on how they match. Different colors create different styles. With the right Bodysuit in the right place, the temperament is no longer someone else's.


5.Color Printing

Bright color prints have always been favored by young women, and bright colors can highlight the youthful and lively temperament of young women. In addition to young women, the reason why other female groups choose this style is that it can better bring out the feminine temperament and achieve the effect of reducing age, dazzling and dazzling, leaving a deep impression.

Bodysuit has many more novel and individual styles, and the popularity of bodysuit is that comfort and practicality are its biggest highlights. I don’t know if everyone has a new understanding of it. Do you fall in love with this bodysuit ?


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