Types Of Camisole

Types Of Camisole

The camisole is a healthy, elegant, and fashionable first-class product. It combines the body curve with the physiological function, giving it a sense of leisure and movement. The camisole is also the protagonist in the hot summer. The camisole has smooth lines, soft texture and full of lady details. Whether you are dating your boyfriend or going to a party with friends, wearing this camisole is sexy and stylish. The camisole is comfortable to wear, breathable, and has the functions of abdomen, buttocks, and breast protruding. Today, we will discuss the different types of camisole for each girl in the wardrobe.

A camisole is a piece of clothing, usually used as a base for sweaters, low-cut tops, coats, or shirts in winter; in summer, girls will wear it as a separate top, which reflects the vitality of women. Refreshing and comfortable, there are also different combinations of slings in winter. The diversified rules of collocation bring women's refreshing and free breath throughout the four seasons. From pure and simple monochrome to rich colorful elements, from soft and elegant fabrics to tight-fitting fabrics, there are many kinds of camisoles on the market.

You will recognize the following different types of slings;

1. Tight Camisole

Tight camisole is the first choice for most girls because it helps to show our figure perfectly. These tight-fitting camisoles are usually made of cotton or knitted or nylon, so they are very elastic. The close-fitting camisole helps to modify the curve, and the healthy and delicate curve is more dazzling.


2. Silk Camisole

The fabric of the silk camisole is basically made of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is also called "natural silk". The silk sliver drawn from a single cocoon is called cocoon silk. It is made of two single fibers bonded and covered with sericin. It is a natural protein molecule, not only has good moisture absorption, but also has good air permeability. Mulberry silk fabric can absorb moisture. The sweat and metabolism of our body can be absorbed by the mulberry silk fabric, thus keeping our skin clean, preventing some bacteria from breeding on our skin and affecting our health. The clothing feels very dry and comfortable. We know that silk camisole is usually chosen as a comfortable night pajama to wear.


3. Body Sculpting Camisole

The three-dimensional tailoring of the shapewear according to the principles of ergonomics is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure. It adjusts the distribution of body fat and shapes a beautiful curve. The effect of breast enhancement, abdomen, waist reduction, hip lift, and leg beauty is extremely obvious, and it shows the sexy and charming girls.


4. Lace Camisole

The lace fabric is light and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effects. The artistic patterns are complex and retro, full of feminine elements, unique in design, sexy and beautiful, whether it is short skirts, long pants and long skirts, they are impeccable.


5. Sports Vest

Sports vest is the best-selling vest in summer. People who like sports are looking for this style. Comfortable experience and simple and casual wearing style are the main reasons why it wins the hearts of the public. The sports vest can be worn in fitness places such as gyms or in occasions such as walking or running to achieve the purpose of comfort.

Sports vests are also suitable for women in the workplace as inner wear. Sports vests usually use up to 90% or 100% cotton as the fabric. For girls who are prone to skin allergies, sweating, and commuting in the workplace, choosing a sports vest is a 100% sure choice. It will provide a long time. The moisture absorption and breathability make you very comfortable to wear every day.


6. Sling Dress

The suspender dress is different from the suspender skirt in that the suspender is wider and long and has a slit at the back, while the suspender skirt is narrower and shorter. The suspender skirt generally has a section of chest and back protection material above the waist. It is very comfortable and cool to wear in the summer.

The thin sling design allows the beautiful neck and collarbone to be unobstructed, making the whole person look more charming and moving. This kind of suspender dress can be worn in all seasons, and it can also be worn with full fashion in winter.


7. Camisole Bra

Camisole bras are usually built-in bras. The bra materials are basically made of sponge and silicone. The good inclusiveness can fully support your chest shape. There is no need to wear a bra separately, which can make you feel comfortable. As more and more girls love it, the choice of bra sizes for camisole bras has increased, and the materials used have also become diversified, which can better reduce the steps for girls to wear bras and allow more freedom in dressing choices.




The camisole is cool and sexy, and is a favorite fashion item for girls in summer. However, many people who like to wear a camisole often feel sore shoulders, especially when they are exposed to cool breeze or staying in a low-temperature air-conditioned room for too long, the shoulder pain will be particularly obvious. Heat compress, massage or lie down to rest. Pain is often relieved. Can it go on for a long time? The shoulders will get cold repeatedly, causing muscle edema, injury and adhesion. If you don't pay attention to protection and exercise, the situation will become more and more serious. Therefore, when wearing a camisole, be sure to pay attention to protection to prevent illness.

The above is all the types of camisole, camisole is the basic style in all seasons. Real fashion is self-respect, simple and full of personality, beautiful dreams are actually that simple! Which one do you like?           



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