How to Wear Triangle Bikini

How to Wear Triangle Bikini

In the hot summer, nothing beats soaking in the water in a bikini. Whether you're packing for the long-awaited vacation or the beach party you're looking forward to, you're sure to have the right swimsuit ready. Since the triangle bikini was invented in the late 40s, it has been the mainstay of swimwear fashion. This is a classic, multi-piece bikini that suits many body types and is usually found in every woman's wardrobe and in the luggage of many globetrotters. There are 5 triangle bikini recommended for you, I hope you can find the bikini that suits you.

1. Classic

The classic triangle bikini fits most women's body shapes and is not easy to go wrong, especially great for relaxing at the beach or swimming pool. However, if you plan to do water sports, you need to think carefully, this may not be a good choice, because the stability of this bikini is not as good. The solid color triangle bikini lace up is one of the classic styles, its design is relatively simple, but its multi-way strap design will make you stand out.


2. Halter Neck

There is a reason why Halter style is popular. It will make your neck look more slender visually, but also make the chest look fuller and release your charm. A simple thin strap ties at the back of the neck, which is very similar to the classic style, perfect for casual and light activity, but if you're going to do strenuous exercise, like surfing, it might not hold up. The following abstract strappy bikini with skirt uses colorful diamond prints as a whole highlight, no matter how you match it, you can get good results.


3. Tie Front

A bikini top with a tie in the front is one of my favorite ways to wear it, and it is very easy to put on and take off. All you need to do at this point is wrap the bikini top hem straps around your back and tie them into a cute bow. This style is a bit more secure than the classic and halterneck styles, but we'd still put it in the light activity category. A bikini top with a tie in the front is one of my favorite ways to wear it, and it is very easy to put on and take off. This Tie dye ruched bikini halter, light blue tie-dye print below brings more surprises to your summer, and the chest tie adds to the design.


4. Scoop Neck

You can turn your triangle bikini upside down for even more looks. The easiest is the scoop neck, where you can turn the triangle bikini top upside down and tie it around the neck and vice versa. This style is perfect for babes with a slightly larger bust or for women who want more coverage, as well as beginners who aren't sure how to tie a triangle bikini top and create different looks. The floral print triangle bikini gives a fresh and lovely look, the gathering at the bottom of the cups flatters the scoop neckline and the straps look really nice along the bust.


5. Cross Neck

This style can be worn in a classic way, all you need to do is thread the front straps before you tie the bikini top. This style is very bohemian and is perfect for you if you want to keep your upper body secure and at the same time want to make your breasts look fuller. The following criss cross front halter bikini swimsuit perfectly interprets the cross neck bikini. The light pink and thin shoulder straps are fresh and elegant, with great temperament.


The above 5 styles can be selected according to your own needs, I hope to help you. The blue sea, the white sandy beach, the bright sun, can't you wait? Bring the right bikini and go feel the beauty of summer!


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