How To Wear Y2k Fashion

How To Wear Y2k Fashion

BLACK PINK once made a hot search with a y2k style album cover in seconds. What is the y2k style that many people are obsessed with? The style is uniquely psychedelic, retro and futuristic. This large area of high color wear still has its own unshakable position in today's fashion circle. Metal texture, glossy leather, PVC and laser materials can create a sense of luxury and futuristic style when matched properly, but high-saturation and sparkling clothing may also bring a sense of cheap plastic. So how to wear y2k fashion at the moment? Please continue to look down.


Irregular color stitching suddenly makes this summer colorful. Pair it with high heels and a handbag for a romantic date exclusive to summer, and feel the sweetness and happiness that belongs to you.


The collision of different colors creates a dazzling effect. The bright colors highlight your youthful and vigorous temperament and leave a deep impression on people. Pair with sneakers and take a handbag to create a free and comfortable American street style, stylish and simple, suitable for everyday occasions. When the temperature is low in winter, pair it with a long woolen coat to keep you warm without losing your temperament.


This romper can be matched with flat shoes, casual and versatile, suitable for shopping and dating, enjoying a pleasant holiday time, with high heels, fashionable and sexy, suitable for gathering with friends, clubs and other occasions.


This is carefully selected by our designers for you, and there are new design points from the pattern style, the abstract and irregular polka dot pattern adds an artistic element to this one-piece. If you want to wear it to go shopping, you can bring a handbag when you go shopping, which is a perfect match with a pair of high heels or sneakers.


The use of water ripple printing, the collision of different shades of color, and the irregular artistic form of water ripples bring a strong visual impact and leave a deep impression on people. The design of the bodysuit is a collision between art and fashion. You can wear it when you go to the exhibition. You can look very stylish when you go to the exhibition. It can show your artistic style and exude unique charm. In daily life, choosing to wear this bodysuit is a good choice.


The flower pattern printing is very eye-catching and achieves a strong visual impact. Highlight your youthful attitude. Show your unique temperament. The pants are fashionable and casual version, suitable for all seasons, with crop top in summer, sweatshirt or denim jacket in winter, suitable for school, work, shopping and other occasions.


The crocodile print adds a retro atmosphere, and the retro disco queen is you. This pants can be paired with hoodie, casual and versatile, suitable for daily travel or go shopping, can also be paired with crop top, sexy and beautiful, suitable for gatherings of friends, clubs and other occasions.


The ripple print design makes you look youthful and beautiful, fashionable and age-reducing. This pants can be matched with cami top, retro sexy, suitable for shopping parties or jazz dance, with T shirt, casual and versatile, suitable for daily outings and commuting to work.


Pink leopard gives people a youthful and lively feeling, which makes the whole pants look more design, which is a highlight of this pants. This pants is suitable for autumn wear. It can be worn with sports shoes and can be used for hiking with friends, which is comfortable and versatile. And also be worn with sandals, street dating is a good choice.


Using water ripple printing and dyeing, the irregular ripple interlaces each other very eye-catching, achieving a strong visual impact, highlighting your fashionable artistic atmosphere, novel and unique. The pants are fashionable and casual version, suitable for all seasons, with crop top in summer, sweatshirt or denim jacket in winter, suitable for school, work, shopping and other occasions.


Does it feel special at first sight? Black and white ripple prints all over the body, giving a sense of psychedelic. The mesh fabric slightly penetrates the skin, looming, giving people unlimited space for reverie. Wearing a crop tank and high heels, the queen of hip-hop has a sense of sight, and goes to a concert with friends. The loose hem is drooped, dancing with your passion, and enjoy the carnival.


This is a perfect pair of pants to show off your sensuality. The material of transparent mesh allows you to confidently show your body curve, highlighting your free, independent and sexy attitude. The pants are designed with sequins to achieve a strong visual impact, allowing you to still sparkle at night. I believe that as long as you wear it at any party, you will become the most attractive girl at the party, let it show your unique beauty!


The soft water ripples, under the decoration of clear colors, can always change the effect of making people's eyes shine. Youthful vitality and a slight cool feeling, it is simply the best choice for spring and summer. Paired with white sneakers, it is simply a vibrant look, fashionable and age-reducing.


Y2k style is very suitable for street shooting. Pair it with a sophisticated top and you're a hipster! Bring out your stylish and unique artistic personality.


Zebra print gives people a sense of retro fashion, making it not monotonous, but more eye-catching. This pants can be matched with crop top, casual and versatile, suitable for daily outings and parties, with cami, retro and fashion, suitable for dancing.


Remember the cool lightning goddess? Sexy and powerful, just my idol. Do you want to become a lightning goddess too? The lightning print becomes vividly under the red gradient rendering, like lightning in the sky after sunset, with a seductive atmosphere in danger. What are you hesitating about? Wear it to show your charm!


If you want a street casual jumpsuit, this one might be for you! The overall look is a deep and charming dark blue, tie-dyed with several bright prints, full of charming artistic colors, and also adds a bit of sexiness to you. The overall tone is also very futuristic, fashionable and avant-garde! With a handbag, a pair of shiny high heels, no one can deny you elegant and sexy!


The Renaissance in aesthetics brings a strong visual impact. And to explore deeper, the resurgence of this kind of wearing aesthetics will eventually trigger new social thoughts and culture, because "Y2K" lovers are not wearing clothes, but "concepts", and what they wear is life attitude and lifestyle.


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