How To Wear A Blazer With A Dress

How To Wear A Blazer With A Dress

Autumn is the home of blazer. With dress, they are soft and gentle, and stretch freely, giving them more casual and easy to wear. On the other hand, the matching of dress and blazer forms a style collision, which can be handsome or sweet, with elegant aura, it is definitely the most correct way to open in autumn. Finding different ways to wear the main autumn items, whether they are already in your wardrobe or the items you just focused on this season, it feels very difficult.

However, this costume is easy to reproduce, and contains only two items that you cannot ignore: a dress and a blazer. You can choose to match a solid or a printed blazer with a dress. There are many possibilities, which is why we like two piece combinations so much. Next, take a look at some of our favorite dresses and blazers, get all the autumn outfit inspirations you will need, and get ready for your most comfortable fall. The mission of WELENY is to bring fashion, keep reading to see how each piece is worn.

A blazer with a dress not only lengthens the proportion of the figure, but also has a high appearance and a special temperament. It can achieve the effect of 1+1>2, but you must pay attention to the method. Today I will teach you three matching tips. As long as you remember these three elements, you can be sure that you will look beautiful in any way. The matching of blazers and dresses is very simple to wear. There are three main ways to wear them:

Element One "Style"——Starting From The Figure To Be Loose And Moderate

Silhouette Blazer: casual and versatile, with a loose fit, a sense of strength, and strong tolerance. The length covers the buttocks and modifies the buttocks.


Slim Blazer: the fits the curve of the figure, is capable and neat, especially with elite temperament, suitable for women with small skeletons, and will not be sloppy to wear.

Tips: avoid black, choose brown, dark green, and beige to get rid of the rigidness of formal wear.

✮ Matching Plan

①Silhouette blazer with irregular hem dress to modify the figure

A silhouette blazer with an irregular hem dress can well modify your figure. Because the irregular hem dress is long enough, the proportion of the figure is elongated, which can meet the needs of various figures.

②The blazer is matched with a satin dress, the fabric is light and thin, which weakens the sense of volume


Wearing clothes in autumn and winter is particularly afraid of heavy and inconvenient activities. Although the level of blazers and dresses is richer, the satin dresses are very light, and matched with a blazer of moderate thickness, they are warm and comfortable to wear, stylish and elegant.

Tips: choose a light colored satin dress, which is not only more light, but also more luxurious.

Element Two "Color"——Play With Color

Combining shades to increase the sense of gradation: this collocation should pay attention to layering. With layers, it can make the outfit more three dimensional. In addition to the primary and secondary fabrics, the color should also have shades. Dark silhouette blazers are paired with light colored dresses. The dark colored blazers are used to enhance the sense of shrinkage. The light colored dresses brighten the skin tone. The overall shades are combined, with a sense of gradation and richer layers.

The matching of the same color is more elegant: the matching of the same color is easy to get started, determine the main color, choose the same color for the blazer and the dress, the saturation can be different, and the level can be highlighted. Use accessories to brighten, decorate, and create a sense of detail, making the outfit more durable.

★ Matching Plan

①Black Blazer With Black Mesh Dress


Black is one of the most classic styles. Many people think that black is dull and lacks color sense, but it is an indispensable fashion item. The black blazer is concise and capable, and matched with the same color floral embroidered see through dress, it not only loses the original rigidity, but also makes you more layered after wearing it. It can be matched with angular and textured square bags to enhance the overall elegance and elegance.

②White Blazer With Light Blue Dress


Wearing the same color system pays special attention to the choice of color. After all, the overall color is large, and the focus is sufficient. The darker colors of the same color are mature and stable, highlighting the capable aura of women, and the light colors are gentle and sweet. You can choose according to your own needs.

Solid Blazer With Printed Dress

The rich and design floral dress can instantly enhance the fashionableness. With a blazer, it is a unique style of calm and interesting collision. Pay attention to the combination of traditional and simple. When the style of the dress is complex enough, the choice of blazer should be simpler, basic, and solid is the best.


When the printed dress has some jumps, such as light and bright colors with dense patterns, when it looks very vibrant, solid blazers can’t hold down the color. You can choose a darker blazer. Use the characteristics of the color to suppress the bright color by using the dark color to make it wear. Take it more calmly.

Element Three "Style"——Play To The Different Attributes Of A Single Product

Women who know how to dress have found a dressing style that blazers them very early, and they are constantly exploring in dressing and dressing, and easily wear their own style. Blazers + dresses, although the single product is confirmed, different styles and different colors will be matched to show different styles.

OL Style

Wearing at work should be simplified, with more items, but each one should be low key, choose the most versatile neutral color, crop blazers with long strappy dresses, the overall body is more self cultivating, and it will not appear to be dragged. The blazer can be draped over the shoulders, which is particularly fanciful.

Tips: the dress length reveals the calf, with high heels, can better modify your body proportions.


The accessories and blazers are in the same color system, which partially echoes and enhances the integrity. At the same time, the number of colors can be reduced, making the collocation more distinct. When commuting to work, the bag must be accompanied by a simple style, three dimensional shape, large capacity, and all small things are organized, which is convenient and trouble free.

Sexy Style

The satin suspender dress is sexy and charming, with a contoured figure, and a slim blazer is more sexy. The beauty of light familiarity lies in the combination of female innocence and sexiness, without showing stability and dullness. You can try more sexy dresses, split dresses, suspenders dresses, tube top dresses, etc., with a blazer as a cover, and will not be overly exposed.


The color is richer and more feminine. The plaid blazer is matched with a brown long dress. The color is bright, but not vulgar. The key is how to adjust the color. It can be matched with boots of the same color. It is simple and advanced. You can choose a neutral color for the blazer. It is bright and dark, retro and modern.

Elegant Style

When blazers first became popular, they often appeared only in serious and formal occasions, but later as women pursued different blazers, more and more casual blazers appeared, which could appear in more occasions. A light green blazer with a drawstring dress of the same color will not only outline your figure, but also blazer a variety of occasions. Daily shopping parties are all right.


Crop blazer is also one of the casual styles. The light purple blazer and white knitted dress are gentle and sweet, very suitable for the gentle autumn season, romantic and sentimental.


The woolen plaid blazer and black split dress are sexy and fashionable, lengthening your body proportions and highlighting your body curve. It can be matched with black handbags and baguettes to add elegance.


The above is the collocation method of blazer and dress that I summarized. First of all, when you wear it, you should be loose and moderate, secondly, pay attention to the color matching, and finally find your own style. According to these three tips, you can make sure that you won’t go wrong. Different people have different understandings of the collocation of blazer and dress, so the effect of the collocation will be different. If it is a more formal occasion, when choosing a blazer, try to choose a dark color, and choose a long dress, which will give people an elegant feeling. If it is a daily trip, there will be a lot of choices. You can match them according to your own style. Casual, sexy, and elegant are all good.

In my opinion, a single product is just not good looking, it must be able to wear daily and be willing to use it to the extreme. Blazers are one of my favorite items, and matching dresses is also the most common way. I prefer the neatness of blazers, and I also like its changeable style. I believe that many people are like me, they are extremely enthusiastic about blazers. At present, I am still trying new styles. I hope we can communicate together.


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