4 Essential Knitted Styles For Fall

4 Essential Knitted Styles For Fall

Knitted clothing is definitely a must-have for cold winters, but knitted styles are also great for fall wear. Fine knits, chunky knits, knits with patterns or fine textures, fluffy knits, fitted and oversized knits, cashmere, wool, alpaca, knitwear offers a wide range of options. We will share the indispensable knitted styles of the season. Read on if you are interested. 

1. Knitted bodysuit

Knitted turtleneck bodysuits, v-neck bodysuits and round neck bodysuits are the classics in the knitted bodysuit section. But this season, off-the-shoulder bodysuits and even short-sleeve onesies are making a big splash in our wardrobes and are ideal for layering. Whether you choose a classic silhouette with fine knits or an oversized fit with a chunky pattern, it's as comfortable as it is contemporary and can easily be paired with any other piece. Knit-quality bodysuits look more classic, while longer versions emphasise a modern feel. Choose from earthy shades, bold colors or timeless black to add extra warmth to your fall look. Try knitted bodysuits with prints for cool graphic appeal.

2. Knitted jumpsuit

The knitted jumpsuit is a versatile piece that can be worn all year round, perfect for adding warmth and style. In addition, the variations of cropped, knee-length or long are endless, whether in fine or chunky knits. Natural materials predominate and blend beautifully with the season's range of colours, from neutrals to brights, earth tones to timeless blacks, navy blues and greys.

3. Knitted trousers

Knit pants are no longer just for casual activities, but definitely have a place in our everyday casual wardrobe. Wide-leg straight knit pants and a loose fit look flattering and super stylish. Wear it with the matching sweater, or pair it with a top or shirt in a different fabric for a contemporary contrast.

4. Knitted dress

Are you an absolute dress fan? A knitted skirt is a real must-have on cold days. With a knitted dress, you'll easily create a stylish look while providing warmth and comfort. Knit dresses range from mini to mid-length and extra-long, and they all look very stylish. Then there's the choice between classic turtleneck sweaters, women's v-neck, crew neck or sporty hooded styles. Knitted dresses are a versatile base to be paired with a variety of footwear: from sneakers and heels to high boots or ankle boots. Pair with beautiful opaque tights and matching leather boots. Our WLENY knitted dresses accentuate your feminine figure and give a more classic look, adding a seductive appeal to your look. This fall, most of our knitted skirts are available in knee or mini lengths.


Whatever the piece, knitting is sure to become a must-have in your fall wardrobe, the perfect transition between comfort and style for a high-end, stylish look this season!


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