Design Your Fall Wardrobe With Prints

Design Your Fall Wardrobe With Prints

Fall is a magical season that brings and changes, so how about transforming your wardrobe with some prints? No matter what your style, age or social status, prints will refresh you. In the coming spring - it's all about the print. You can choose the one you like or mix and match as you like. Let's take a look at popular patterns and some fashion suggestions.

Animal Print

As with all animal prints, it's best to keep it in just one element of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a leopard or snake print top, then it is best to pair it with white pants or jeans for the most sophisticated look. If you like animal-inspired skirts, pair them with a basic white or black or beige tee and your favorite white sneakers or flats. For cold nights or the freezing grocery store, don't forget to wear a denim jacket.

Going out at night? Want to impress? Opt for a leopard or snake print dress. Pair with nude or black heels and a contrasting bag to let your outfit play the main role. For the upcoming season, wild animal printed tops will complement trouser suits in pastel colors. Playing together in an outfit, they create magic - soft animal print softens the animal print while it adds edge to the garment. Give it a try!

For young ladies, I recommend looking at zebras and colorful animal prints. It's fresh, cute, and you won't go unnoticed. If you're hesitant to wear animal print but still want to get some edgy looks - accessories will help. Choose a belt, bag or shoes. Safe and fashionable.


Floral Pattern

Flowers and women are synonymous, so flowers have always been in fashion. Floral designs are a totally acceptable trend, don’t be afraid to invest in this print. You can easily combine flowers with elements of various styles. In the coming fall, I would recommend wildflower prints. If you don't want to look flashy and want to add some savage character to your outfit, wear your floral dress with a Cossack or your floral skirt with a plain classic blouse, tee and leather jacket. If you're an intrepid fashionista, try mixing two floral patterns in one outfit. This may sound tricky, but make sure they complement each other in color and choose different sizes of floral patterns. Don't forget to complete your outfit with a nice pair of shoes and a handbag.


Stripe Print

Stripes are the most classic style, but there are plenty of other styles that can fit well into your wardrobe. Why not start preparing for winter in autumn? For the upcoming season, you can play around with stripes in a variety of colors. Pick your favourite and enjoy wearing it.


Plaid Pattern

This cute plaid pattern continues to be very popular this coming fall. Checks are trending in any colour, all you need is to choose the right check size print to match your body and know how to style it. Plaid can easily be paired with many different neutral items in your wardrobe because it works well with a variety of colors. Larger checked tops have simple patterns and can be worn casually or in a work setting. It can be easily incorporated into various styles. It is elegant, romantic and feminine. You can wear it with heels or sneakers. When we pair plaid with other prints like stripes, flowers or colors - from pastel to bright, it loves it. You'll never lose an investment in this print, because plaid is a fashion trend that never goes out of style.


If you love prints and want to add some style to your current wardrobe, it is recommended that you go to the store and try as many different prints as possible before shopping. Mix them with basic clothing like jeans and a coat. Be creative with the combination of various printing elements. Based on this sharing, I guarantee you'll find at least one print and one outfit combination you'll love. You will never know until you try! Good luck to you!


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