WELENY Social Responsibility


The concept of "sustainable fashion" is changing the way people consume fashion products like never before. As a green supply chain management company, we always reflect on the waste and harm caused by the fashion industry to the environment and have always regarded sustainable development as the goal of the WELENY. We continue to implement the principles of sustainable development in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, improving efficiency, and caring for human rights.

1. In the selection of clothing fabrics, we use environmentally friendly materials, do not damage the ecology, and create comfortable products for customers.

2. In the production process, carry out energy saving, water saving, energy saving and emission reduction, sewage treatment, and optimize the process to reduce the use of chemical agents and the consumption of water resources in the production process.

3. In terms of product inventory, we use the digital supply system to control product inventory and reduce the possibility of waste.

4. In addition, our bags are made of environmentally friendly materials and can be reused.

    Human Rights

    WELENY is a regular and legal enterprise, has a legal business license, and all procedures comply with the law. We respect human rights, respect all legitimate rights and interests of others, respect workers, and advocate freedom and equality. We work to ensure fair wages for our employees, freedom of association, prevention of unlawful discrimination, protect the health and safety of workers. The company trains its employees, including the purchasing team: code of conduct, labor rights, safe working conditions, and corporate social responsibility.

    Supply Chain

    Our products and sources of goods all come from regular channels. At present, there are multiple warehouses that can store goods. The supply of goods is sufficient and can be supplied for a long time. The surrounding transportation is convenient and the environment is comfortable, which is one of our advantages in trade transportation and product placement. We pay attention to the updating of enterprise management and product equipment and have domestic advanced automatic clothing equipment. In order to uphold the concept of presenting good products to loyal consumers, we use a combination of machine and manual craftsmanship to present a better good product.


    Through years of accumulation of production experience, WELENY has established a complete and effective certification and quality management system. In the production process, it strictly implements customer quality standards and corporate quality standards, from supplier selection, and incoming material inspection to production line quality control, Finished product testing, and other links to improve product quality. WELENY regularly conducts internal audits and management reviews of the quality system, timely corrects problems in the operation of the system, ensures the continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the quality system and forms a self-improvement mechanism for the enterprise.

    In the future, we will always adhere to the concept of sustainable development, strictly control product quality, and devote ourselves to serving customers. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!